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The Value Of Getting Your New Garden Surveyed


It’s estimated that an impressive 681,000 new homes were sold in 2019, which was 10.3% higher than 2018 sales. Purchasing a new home is an exciting experience, but it’s important to bear in mind that there are a number of logistics to take care of before you move in. This includes outside the home: when it comes to your garden, getting a land survey can prove to be surprisingly beneficial later on.

What is a survey?

Essentially, a land survey is a thorough inspection of your property. It maps out the property and details important aspects of it, such as the legal boundaries that are involved. Many banks used to require a land survey before buying; however, since that may not be the case now, many people put it off despite the numerous benefits it can bring. Having a survey done on your property will give you the exact dimensions of your property, which will effectively keep you in the know of your (and your neighbor’s) limitations. This can save you time and money down the line should you wish to build or put anything remotely near your property line in the future, and it can uncover potential issues like missing property corners as well.

Performed by a qualified surveyor, a survey involves the use of special tools to ensure that the results are accurate. Some of the most common tools used include a measuring tape, 3D scanners, and a telescope called a theodolite, to name a few. Additional equipment may also be used in some circumstances, such as a borescope camera, which enables all areas of your property to be surveyed, including those that are difficult to see (such as if you have an obstruction that can’t be navigated around smoothly).

Garden-specific benefits

There are additional benefits to having a land survey, particularly when it comes to your garden. If you already have a large garden, for example, a survey can help to map out important aspects, such as any existing water features, trees, buildings (such as a tool shed, greenhouse, etc.), and other prominent features. In turn, this can help you with your future landscaping plans should you wish to change anything.

A survey will also be useful in the event that you wish to plant or construct anything new as part of your garden, especially should it be near your property line. In this case, you can refer back to the exact dimensions from the survey and ensure that you’re not going over your property and into your next-door neighbor’s. Consequently, this can aid in preventing further issues like an unpleasant exchange with your new neighbors, or even a costly, time-consuming rebuild in the future.

Purchasing and moving into your new home is an exciting experience, but it’s necessary to take care of the logistics beforehand — one of the most valuable is a land or garden survey. Having one done can bring a myriad of benefits that can save you both time and money in the long run.

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