Tips On How To Keep Your Trees Healthy And Thriving All Year Long

Trees and house

A study conducted by North Carolina State University showed that well-placed trees could block noise by approximately 40%, based on BrightView Holdings. Trees are valuable additions in the yard. Apart from adding beauty and providing shade, trees also add value to your property.

Whether you have a garden full of lush greenery in various shapes and sizes, or simple trees, you need to protect them. Taking proper care of the trees in your yard is an effective way to keep your landscape well-kept and aesthetically appealing for years to come. Here are several tips on how to keep trees healthy and thriving all year long.

Understand The Needs Of Your Tree

You will need to understand the type of trees growing in your yard before you can start caring for them. Conduct thorough research to identify the tree species you’re dealing with and take notes of their unique requirements. The needs of garden trees vary in terms of root competition, soil composition, and weather elements like drought, storms, and strong winds.

It is essential to understand how much water each tree requires and the type of soil they need to thrive. Understanding your trees’ preferred soil moisture, sensitivities, and level of drought tolerance will help you follow the right maintenance practices. Also, check if the trees are planted in the right area.

Prioritize Tree Trimming

Most property owners overlook the importance of tree trimming because they assume this service is costly or unnecessary. However, seasonal maintenance is a wise investment if you want to maintain healthy trees in your front or backyard. According to emergency tree trimming company, whether your trees are overgrown or want to enhance the landscape, trimming is crucial. Cutting back uneven branches enhances the shape and appearance of plants. Your trees will also look healthy because trimming involves removing pest-infested or diseased branches.

While you may trim the young trees yourself, it is wise to hire professional tree cutting services to reduce the risk of danger and unnecessary damage. Mature trees with diseased, infested, or dead branches increase the risk of accidents. During heavy storms or strong winds, weak limbs fall off and damage your property or hit someone, resulting in severe injuries.

Avoid Using Line Trimmers near Trees

String or line trimmers are useful tools for achieving a clean edge on your turf. However, they can easily cause damage to trees, even those with thick barks. The nylon line that slices through weed can cut through a tree trunk, leaving wounds or abrasions. If left untreated, serious injuries will lead to yellowing, dieback branches, or premature dropping of leaves.

Cuts caused by line trimmers also expose shrubs and trees to pest and insect infestation, diseases. Getting rid of grass and weeds around the tree base is an excellent way to prevent mechanical injuries on trunks. But if you must use trimmers, place protective sleeves around the stems. Flexible corrugated pipes split on one side make perfect trunk guards.

Protect Trees from Chemicals

Pesticides and herbicides affect the health of trees if not used appropriately. Misapplying herbicides around trees can cause deformities or kill saplings. Leaves may also appear discolored, cupped, or twisted. To avoid chemical damage to trees, make sure to read and follow instructions. Using pesticides and herbicides correctly will help get rid of pests and unwanted weeds as well as maintain healthy and beautiful trees.

Tasks like mulching, watering, fertilizing, pruning, and controlling pests are easy to handle. However, seek advice from an arborist on how to take proper care of your trees. You’ll also want to hire an expert from tree services franchises to trim branches of overgrown trees to avoid the risk of accidents throughout the year.

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