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Transform Your Home Into a Garden Oasis with These Simple but Effective Garden Ideas

garden oasis

Wanting to give your garden an ‘oasis’ feel is one thing, but actually doing it can be a very different matter. You could be convinced that you simply lack enough time or money to dramatically overhaul your outdoor space for the better.

However, finding success with a garden transformation can largely be a case of ‘easy once you know how’. Here are some clever garden redesign strategies that, when put into action, can help you to make the most of limited resources.

Create seating zones in your garden 

Doing this will create the illusion of a larger garden and make it feel organized, as different areas of the overall space can be devoted to different purposes.

Ideal Home acknowledges: “While it is true that [using] planters, walls, screens, and hedges helps to separate out your areas, so does cleverly positioned seating.”

For example, garden benches of a wrought iron design could be placed in one area, while another could be given a set of dining chairs.

Add a private plunge pool or hot tub

Either kind of unit can make a great — and more space-efficient — alternative to a full-sized swimming pool. Gardeningetc enthuses: “By using a screen of green to boost the privacy levels, you’ll feel like you’re in your own private rainforest.”

Given how quickly it grows, bamboo would be a good choice of material for this screen. The look of this foliage can be aesthetically contrasted with a hot tub of sleek and contemporary design.

Invest in some vibrant-looking parasols

When placed in your garden, these can certainly enhance its holiday-home feel — especially if the parasols are in vibrant, summery colors.

Not that you ought to treat the practical merits of garden parasols as an afterthought. They have the advantage of providing much-needed shade from sunshine and shelter from rainfall — all without taking up significant amounts of floor space.

Parasols can also be positioned in various parts of a garden — ranging from right next to a hot tub to within the bounds of a patio.

Plan a few energy-efficient sources of outdoor lighting

Naturally, the less energy that is used up by outdoor lighting, the less it will cost to run. Fortunately, there are various types of energy-efficient lights that also remain practical to use.

Better Homes & Gardens says that lit candles or dimmable electric lamps “work well in dining and conversation areas”. The site also notes that solar-powered accent lights can be used “to add drama and interest to the landscape and highlight paths”.

Go for pieces that would induce relaxation 

Of course, different people are soothed by different things. However, many members of your household could easily delight at the sight of, say, a hammock hanging between two trees or deck posts, while outdoor seating can look extra-inviting when strewn with pillows or cushions.

These are all examples of pieces that can make it easier for people to de-stress when reading a book, listening to music or doing any of various other relaxing activities in the garden.

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