Triangle Gardener Magazine

Triangle Gardener is the local guide to enjoyable gardening in the Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill area and surrounding communities and is the only FREE gardening publication in North Carolina.

Published six times per year, each bi-monthly issue includes stories on plants, garden design, pests, garden books, garden travel, events and gardening tips, news, and much more. It is available at over 300 locations across the Triangle – local garden centers, botanical gardens, garden specialty stores, libraries, bookstores, florists, community centers, and many other places where gardeners like to shop and visit.

Triangle Gardener is also the #1 read gardening publication in the state of North Carolina with an average of 30,000 copies printed and a readership of over 90,000 per issue. In addition, Triangle Gardener is the #1 gardening and outdoor information source for our readers. More readers turn to Triangle Gardener than the web, other gardening magazines, local newspapers, local television or radio.

The first issue of the bi-monthly publication was launched in April 2009.  The publication focuses on gardening in the Triangle region with stories and news specific to Zone 7-8.  Each story is written by a professional in his/her field with timely news and information that will help get your garden growing.

Beverly HurleyBeverly Hurley

Beverly’s background in marketing, public relations, and advertising extends over 25 years.  During that time, she was also a garden scout and writer for Midwest Living magazine, a regional lifestyle publication published by Meredith Corporation.  She loved visiting gardens, writing about the gardeners and plants, and gaining inspiration from these stories. In April 2009, she turned her passion for gardening and her quest for gardening information specific to the Triangle region into a new publication – Triangle Gardener.

Beverly is a member of the Garden Writers Association and the Society of American Travel Writers.  She also serves as the historian of the Society of American Travel Writers.  In her free time when she isn’t in the garden, Beverly is a nationally-certified official for USA Swimming.