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Ultimate Patio Upgrading: Adding an Outdoor Kitchen


The spring and summer weather has arrived, along with beautiful temperatures and sunny days. As such, it is time to get outside and begin to work on your home. A popular area that many people consider upgrading is their patio.

A patio is a great place for friends and family to meet, eat, and enjoy each other during the beautiful summer months. In order to prepare for such an occasion, it is important to upgrade your patio. Below we will outline the best upgrades to help you add an outdoor kitchen to your outdoor patio.

Step One: Plan the Layout

Before going out and buying a bunch of items to make your dream outdoor kitchen, you need to plan the layout. Consider what you will be cooking, how many people you will be entertaining, and what the fire and building codes say about outdoor kitchens.

If you have large family gatherings, a grill or smoker may make the most sense. If you are in need of areas to boil foods or bake items, then it may be better to purchase an outdoor stove. Also, do not forget about a cooler or outdoor fridge to keep condiments, dairy, and other items fresh. You may want to consult with a plumber to inquire if you can install a sink and faucet for easy water access while you’re cooking.

Step 2: Select Your Equipment and Furniture

Once you have a general idea of what you want and where you want it, it is time to do some research and shopping. First, look for the cooking equipment and storage you will need. Consider some of the following items:

● Grill
● Pizza oven
● Smoker
● Bar
● Refrigerator

Once you have selected the best pieces of equipment to meet your kitchen needs, it is time to think about furniture. Many people forget about the smaller details when upgrading their porch. In light of this, use the list below when planning:

● Counters/countertops
● Seating
● Dining table
● Patio island
● Storage
● Fireplace
● Rugs

All of these pieces of furniture come together to create a cohesive, warm, and inviting outdoor environment. Many people use this time to stylize their patio to feel like an extension of their home. This is the ultimate upgrade for any outdoor activity.

Don’t Forget the Cover

When upgrading your patio, it is imperative that you consider a pavilion or pergola. This will provide cover to your family and friends when the sun is at its brightest or when the weather makes an unfriendly and wet turn.

This also increases the amount of time you can continue to cook outside safely. The covering will allow you to continue to grill or bake in the rain and even when the sun is beating down relentlessly. So while it is an added expense, it is worth the value and time you gain from it.

The Ultimate Outdoor Space

When creating the ultimate kitchen area outside, it is important to plan a space that fits your needs. Whether you are entertaining a group or just your family, creating the ultimate space is an enjoyable endeavor that will provide you and your family comfort for many years to come.

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