House Plants

What Are The Best Housewarming Plants?

house plant

According to a survey from fitted wardrobe specialist Hammonds, the use of houseplants as house decorations has boomed in 2021, with many of us wanting to feel closer to nature and bring the outside world in. Social media has skyrocketed, with a record figure of 8.1 million posts including the #Houseplant on the likes of Instagram, and is set to further increase throughout 2022. Here are our following recommendations of the best plants for friends and family to enjoy.

Chinese Money Plant

If your friends believe in luck and superstitions, Chinese money plants are the gift you are looking for. With history routed to southwest China, they are regarded as a plant that can bring great luck and fortune to their owner, making them a great gift for an office or home. Due to it being non-toxic, they are perfectly safe to have in any room in the house, as long as they can receive sufficient sunlight exposure. This is the most researched house plant and is growing in popularity with 79.3k monthly related searches in 2021, so they’ll have plenty of information on how to take care and make the most out of them.

Monstera deliciosa

The Monstera deliciosa plant, commonly known as the “Swiss Cheese” plant is another that is growing increasingly popular as a house plant. They are a large-sized plant and an ideal gift for someone who is looking to fill space. However, these can be mildly toxic to pets therefore it is recommended to keep these raised slightly above ground level to ensure minimum contact. They are easy to nurture and do not need to be placed in specific areas of the house, making them a great gift for a new home owner or someone looking to add further decorations.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is another widely known and popular plant, with monthly social media searches around the 72K mark. Not only does Aloe Vera look very unique, it also has many health benefits such as healing skin conditions and burns. They are great to place in a bedroom as they store carbon dioxide overnight, therefore increasing the air quality as you sleep.

Lemon trees

Do you have a friend who is experienced in looking after plants? A lemon tree may be the perfect gift – especially if they love lemons! Regardless, they can be an exciting plant to take care of and watch grow, although they can take a bit of work compared to other plants we have mentioned. They are the easiest citrus tree to look after and grow, so why not give your friend or family a challenge! They thrive from sunlight, so are best left in a south-facing garden where they can catch as many rays as possible.

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