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What to Consider When Creating a Gardener UTE Setup

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Gardeners, regardless of whether they are amateurs or professionals, are a specific type of people. If you’re one of them and you need a dedicated vehicle for your needs, you must be thinking of developing one to fit your demanding needs.

There are many things to think about when you’re about to turn a vehicle into a gardening transportation device. Since you plan on transporting all sorts of trees, bushes, flowers, soil, chemicals, and machines, you must own a UTE rather than an ordinary small city car.

However, not all UTEs are an excellent solution, and just owning one is not enough. You must develop a flawless UTE gardening setup that will be perfect for your demanding needs. If you’re thinking about creating one, keep reading to learn what you must have in mind when doing it.

Choose the right UTE first

Choosing the right UTE is crucial. Not all UTEs are the same. You need one that will be powerful and spacious enough to fit everything. It has to have a rear tray that will be perfect for the job. Some UTEs simply have small and unsuitable trays that are useless for gardeners.

Some of the best brands and models of UTEs to think of when choosing are the Toyota Hilux, the Ford Ranger, the Mitsubishi Triton, or the Nissan Navara. All of these have a powerful engine, excellent towing capacities, and are spacious enough for storing almost anything you think of.

Add the perfect toolbox over the rear tray

Although many gardeners prefer a wide and open tray where nothing else is installed, many others prefer a tray in which they can install toolboxes and other item holders to help them in the transportation process.

Choosing the right toolbox is essential before buying and installing anything. All UTEs have different trays with shapes and sizes that won’t fit other UTEs. Installing a Toyota Hilux canopy means you can only do it on this vehicle. The box won’t fit other brands, or at least won’t be perfect for them, so choose the right toolbox for the right vehicle.

Install more holders

When you’re transporting gardening items, you will find yourself in a situation to travel long distances with plants that need regular watering. In the summer, when the weather is hot, you can’t let them try out and die because they don’t have water, so having a holder for water containers is essential.

Additionally, you will need holders for many other things, like specific machines, jerry cans, ladders, tools, and other things. It’s always wise to have them installed, so think carefully about the combination of toolboxes and holders, and create a perfect setup mix of these elements.

Add shelves, drawers, and hangers

When you have a toolbox inside the vehicle, it’s time to spice things up. A toolbox won’t give you too much value by itself as you will rarely be transporting something that needs extreme protection. Instead, you can add additional items inside the toolbox and develop a neatly arranged storage area for smaller tools.

Add shelves, trundle drawers, and hangers to create space in which you can store tools, chemistry, and other things. Use them accordingly, and you will never see a mess in your UTE or ever find yourself in a situation to search for a tool for a long time.

Leave an open room for robust machines

Although installing toolboxes is an excellent idea, you should still leave an open area in the rear tray for bigger machines. For example, there’s no reason to stuff the lawn mower inside a toolbox. If the weather conditions are not good, you will surely not need your mower, so there’s no need to protect it.

Additionally, you can transport bigger things when you have an open area. Installing an end-to-end canopy in one part of the tray and leaving most of it open is an excellent idea, so think about this when creating the ultimate best setup for gardeners.

Add undertray tool boxes for storing the first aid kit

One item that might be of excellent help is the undertray toolbox. These boxes are small and flexible. Everything you store inside is easily accessible, so you can place things that you must find immediately.

Most people will store the first aid kit inside, as well as other small items that may fit. An undertray box is perfect for storing a knife, matches, and other similar things.


When choosing the perfect gardening UTE setup, have these points in mind. After installing and mounting everything from the list, you will have a wonderful-looking and fully functional UTE that will meet all your gardening needs. Read the points above carefully and try to install everything from the list.

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