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What Tools are Required When Doing Masonry Work in the Garden? 

Masonry wall

Garden masonry work can involve tasks such as building or replacing walling, tending to the stonework on a driveway or creating a patio or shed. And, if you have the right knowledge, tools and materials, there’s no reason why this work can’t be carried out as a DIY project, just like other household tasks.

This article will look at the different types of tools and materials your garden work might require.

Essential Tools 

This will depend on the type of work you’re completing but as a guide, you’re likely to need the following:

  • Trowels – As well as a standard garden trowel for softening any soil around where you’ll be working, you’ll also need a masonry trowel, which has a flatter base, making it easy to apply and spread any materials you might be using.
  • Spades – If you’re digging any kind of base in your garden, you’ll need a good spade or two. It’s a good idea to have one long-handled one, for excavating the whole area, and one with a shorter handle for digging smaller sections.
  • Brush – This could come in handy for sweeping any debris away before laying any stonework or for simply tidying up your garden before you begin your project.
  • Saw – This is useful if you’re constructing any kind of garden shed or summer house made from wood or similar materials.
  • Spirit level/ measuring string – This is to ensure your masterpiece ends up level and even, especially if you’re working on a new patio base.
  • Mallet hammer – This is a great tool for fixing stones, slabs or bricks into place but be careful to use the right type so as not to damage your surface.
  • Gloves, footwear and eyewear – Make sure you use the correct protective equipment to prevent injuries to your hands or eyes, especially when working with various heavy materials.
  • Drill and drill bits – Depending on the final finish of your DIY project, you might need to use additional hole saws and core drill bits, from sellers like RS, to make easy work of cutting holes in your stone or concrete.

The types of materials you’ll need will also depend on the exact job but they’re likely to include some of the following:

Wood – If you’re building a garden shed, you’ll probably be constructing it from wood or similar material.

Cement or mortar – Depending on the material of your patio or driveway, you might need a specialist type of cement to ensure good results and to prevent surface damage.

Slabs or bricks – If you’re building a wall or patio, you’ll need good quality stones in a material and colour of your choice.

Sand – You’ll usually use some form of builder’s sand for filling in the joints and you might need a specialist jointing compound.

Remember to check any product instructions and test any surfaces before you begin. It’s also important to check whether you need planning permission before doing any major building work.

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