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Why Consider An Oak Framed Garden Room And What Are Its Benefits?

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If you are thinking of putting up a small room or garden room in your garden, below is why you should consider an oak framed version.

1.  A Space To Practice Mindfulness
A busy lifestyle denotes the modern way of life. But we can invest in ways that help you break from the chains of such a lifestyle that drain us mentally, physically, and emotionally. A framed garden roam made from oak wood can be one of the ideal escape room in your home. It is a structure that can harmonize the zen of your garden and the elegance of your home. It will be where you go to organize your thoughts and plans.

2. Exposure To Sunlight And Vitamin D
Summer is a unique time of the year that can help ward off seasonal depression. The warm of the sun brings with it a flurry of good vibes. Moreover, you get to enjoy the health benefits of being under the sun – Vitamin D. the body needs this vitamin to help it manage blood pressure and obesity. Therefore, consider erecting an oak framed garden room that has plenty of glazing on the walls or roof to allow in the natural light. The positive effects of staying in such an environment are remarkable.

3. Timber Boosts Mental Wellness
While we have covered the issue of having an area in your garden where you can stay in private and collect your thoughts, the benefits of such a setting are more profound when it is a space crafted with biophilic design. That means it is a room whose design is in sync with nature to help you feel at peace. Green oak wood has been found to exude such biophilic qualities. That is why an oak framed garden room can be the ideal place to go to when you need to relax, destress, and improve your moods when you are feeling under the weather. The effects of spending a few minutes in such an environment can be long-term.

4. A Better Work-Life Balance
Research shows that 43% of workplace-related health issues are attributed to work-related stress. As such, many companies and organizations are awarding their employees flexible work hours. For instance, companies in Finland are frontrunners in advocating for their employees to work from home remotely. Given this, an oak framed garden room will be an ideal home office space for getting some work done.

An Oak Framed Garden Room With Potted Plants

Adding some greenery indoors does offer unique health benefits. You can enjoy the same when you include a few potted plants into your garden room. Choices include lavender, English ivy, thyme, and sage, among others. The design of the garden building will provide the ideal climate for house plants to thrive. Moreover, it may inspire you to step out more and connect with your garden.

Planning For Your Oak Garden Room

With garden buildings, you are installing a structure that can serve as an extension of your home. The wooden frame build will have a positive impact on your home and work life. To know more about green rooms, get in touch with our team, and they will take you through the various options and possibilities or buy it here from Erecting an oak framed garden room is one of the top choices with profound benefits.

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